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1 miniBloq

Start coding with miniBloq

Minibloq is a graphical development environment for Arduino and other platforms. Its main objective is to help in teaching programming. It is specially used in robotics at elementary, middle and high schools. It's widely used in Argentina, where just in the San Luis province, more than 60000 children has been trained with this software in public schools.
2 Arduino IDE

Continue Coding with Arduino IDE

The Arduino integrated development environment (IDE) is a cross-platform application (for Windows, macOS, Linux) that is written in the programming language Java. It is used to write and upload programs to Arduino compatible boards, but also, with the help of 3rd party cores, other vendor development boards.
3 Obstacle Avoiding

Arduino Obstacle Avoiding Robot Car 4WD

Arduino Obstacle Avoiding Robot Car 4WD. In this tutorial, you will make obstacle avoiding robot. This tutorial involves building a 4WD robot with an ultrasonic sensor that can detect nearby objects and change its direction to avoid these objects.
robino Robino robotic group

All in ROBINO group

we are a robotic and computer group in malaysia.
main center of robino is MAREFAT international school
android Mobile Apps


B4A includes all the features needed to quickly develop any type of Android app.
B4A is used by tens of thousands of developers from all over the world, including companies such as NASA, HP, IBM and others.
Together with B4i you can now easily develop applications for both Android and iOS.